TermNet drives the terminology business since 1988

TermNet is the largest and oldest terminology network world-wide. Established in 1988

with the main aim to foster and develop an international market for terminology

products and services, TermNet today represents a group of 3 leading

organisations in the global terminology and language industries:


1) The Non-Profit-Organization “International Network for Terminology” (www.termnet.org established in 1988), responsible for standards setting, assessments and quality, with members from industry, applied research and Multipliers from all over the world

2) TermNet Business GmbH, the Limited Company of TermNet (www.termnet-gmbh.at/english) founded  2011 in Vienna, Austria, responsible for commercial projects, consultancy, training and certification, and

3) The North American Center for Terminology TermNet Americas Inc., TermNet´s affiliate in Canada, headquartered in Montreal and registered in Quebec and Ontario (Toronto), responsible for the North and Latin American Markets.